Living dead – a horror performance


Yesterday evening I went to Theater Sort/Hvid to see the play Living Dead instructed by Christian Lollike.
The actors played almost in slow motion; they moved and talked slowly, it created a focus on time and presence. Furthermore, because of the slowness the actors and the stage were perceived as images
The dialog was absurd, intense and right on time.

Now they are here, the refugees have reached your town. A stream of zombies who have taken the concern to Europe, and that no one can control. Humanism will fall – do we need to fight or flee?

Black phantom souls travel to Europe as a destructive and frothing mass. They do not look back and are completely famished, as living dead. When they arrive, they are placed in large refugee camps, where they can hatch out their mentally ravaged offspring that has no other future than theft, crime and violence. Our only hope is that the Mediterranean swallow them. Which other options do we have?

LIVING DEAD is a horror performance about three people who are trying to keep calm in our time’s greatest refugee crisis. A nightmarish travesty of our fear of the unknown and the loss of own cultural values.