Practice based research Unit 2

During Unit 2, I kept following my Dream image project; sketching and painting my dreams until I had made 20 images.
Dream image 16: Evil spirit taking my breath
Dream image 17: Water coming in
Dream image 18: It’s my artwork
Dream image 18 mov.
Dream image 19: You are not allowed to dance with a scissor
Dream image 20: Squatter hairdresser, Sayer
Dream Diary 2
Dream image: Status v.2
Dream image further development
Dream image further development
Print test of dream images

I had lots of thoughts about how I should work with moving images and if I should work with moving images. My main concerns were how to make an immersive experience mood without music. Voice replacement became a turning point.
Voice replacement test 1
Voice replacement test 2
Voice replacement test 3
Testing sound and split screen
Mixing footage and animation
Mixing footage and animation
Voice replacement test 4
Voice replacement test 5
Voice replacement test 6
Voice replacement test 7
I started to focus more on the sound not only the voices
A dog with extreme hearing and John Cage
Conversation and advice from Finn Markwardt
Voice replacement test now with atmosphere and sound
Voice replacement: Test recording
Voice replacement
Status of video sequences

While working with the video sequences I still wanted to have a better understanding of working with Poem with the method I used at the beginning of my project:
Words, system and Christina
Conversation with Cecilia Zwick Nash
From images to words
Playing with cut out words
Cut-Up poem/text

Conversations about topics I still want to research :
Conversation with Karen Lisa Salamon
Everyday life situation as an assemblage

Social Dreaming Matrix

Final exhibition:
Final show thoughts
Preparing exhibition installation
Setting up my project
Breaker for my video installation

Here is a description of my final artwork and a link to Vimeo
My artwork at the final exhibition

Conversation with Wilhelm Freddie (DR 1972)
Big inspiration from Bjørn Melhus
Gillian Wearing
I wanted to make some careful blog posts about the artists below. I had made more research about them but because of lack of time, the blog posts will be in the short form:
Michael Craig-Martin
Bruce Nauman
William Kentridge
Ana Mendieta

Presentations and tutorials:
Tutorial 4
Tutorial 5
Tutorial 6

Low Residency 2018:
Low Residency day 1
Low Residency day 2
Low Residency day 3
Low Residency day 4
Low Residency day 5
At day 6 I went to Whitechapel Gallery and saw an exhibition with Mark Dion
Low Residency day 6
Low Residency day 7 & 8
The outcome from Mixed Reality workshop

Film and theatre:
Loving Vincent

Researching VR, AR and Mixed Reality:
Augmented reality, research
Augmented reality inspiration
An intense atmosphere with VR and Video installation
I’m checking AR apps
AR and status

Exhibitions and museums:
Stanley Kubrick exhibition at Gl. Strand
Experience sound and installation
Staging Silence – A video work by Hans Op de Beeck

Conference and festivals:
VOID Film Festival

Cadavre exquis 2018