Workshop at South Kiosk Gallery

Two days collaborative working with installation for South Kiosk Gallery in Peckham. The idea was to respond on their current show: “We will meet in the place where there is no darkness” by the artist Sebastian Kite (architect and performer).

The work took form as an installation; two identical rooms separated by a transparent wall. The rooms built of industrial material for insulation. Two different video projections covered one of the ends, Sound/music played from eight loudspeakers, the light source was the videos and the reflections on the delicate transparent wall.
The movements and transitions in the video were super slow and the sound indefinable.
Kite creates an intense experience while using sound, image, and space in ist simplest form. He’s installation references back to Orwell’s interrogation room (1984) using light as a material to create an ever-evolving space.

I had a claustrophobic experience – not to be in the room but to be inside of me; tinnitus like sound which I could not determine the direction of, and a video projection closed to static images. After a while, I perceived small and subtle changes more elegant and compelling (duration 30 minutes).

We had the freedom to use the installation; the rooms, projectors and sound system. My group decided to stay inside the room using projector and sound. Our first idea was vague; we agreed some keywords like positive/negative, mirroring and distortion. We split up, one team worked with real sound recordings from the room, and the other team (Miriam, Neslihan and I) went back to the studio at Camberwell, borrowed a camera and recorded experiments with a metallic embroidery thread, light, and movements.
We used things we found in the studio; a box, a ring, stick, textile and a ladder.
We had fun, and the outcome showed a direction which was interesting. If more time we would make new recordings build on the first experiments.
New keywords appeared like; breaking the grid and human presence.
Despite vague idea, sound and image complimented each other ok.