Preparing exhibition installation

I decided to remove the protective paper from the inside of the suitcase (had a little hope to find something unexpected). I want to make a contrast between the inside and the outside of the suitcase.  The with colour is meant to make a more simple and light space.


At the same time, I’m testing and adjusting my video material. The new projector seems to be a good solution. It is able to make a 2,5 m image at a distance of 2 m. There is a lot of settings possibilities I have to find out, also which video compression is the best. I probably have to make to versions; one for the projector and one for Vimeo.

My poem had become an important part of my entire project. I made some experiments combining words and images, but I like the clean example below.




Voice replacement

I made new recordings, but it is still a kind of test. I’m testing the sound and the animation elements. I don’t want to disturb the voice or the acting. I like that the atmosphere expands the room; something is going on in the background. A lot of the sound is not planned; for example, while recording sound from a dog there are licking his paw, I got traffic sound in the background. I like to explore the sound after recording, there is always something unplanned which are useful.

Final show thoughts

The Mysterious suitcase has returned to my project. I am considering using it as an element in my final show, as a plinth for the projector and as a space for other elements.
I want to create a kind of private and secret space inside the suitcase, where the light should take the viewers attention to look inside the barely closed suitcase. Basic elements like the list of words from where the poems are made could be inside. I still have to test. I’m quite sure that the projector will be inside, like a source for all the dreams.


Tutorial 6

Resume of the tutorial with Jonathan Kearney
Date: May 21. 2018
Topic: Status, work process and final show

I explain to Jonathan my consideration about Augmented Reality.
I tried to get into the software but realized that the learning curves were too steep for a quick process. My most important insight was that working in an unfamiliar software limits my creativity and I still have to develop; stories, animation, poem etc (expanding my pool of material including video).
It is to early to make limitations. I have to work more with sound, movement and editing. The next step could be AR, if I have the time before Final Show I will make some tests. My idea for the Final Show is video projecting.

Jonathan asked me about my feeling for the sound in the latest video sequence.
I decided not to use music, I have been focused on the no-sounds (pauses) I think there is something interesting going on in the breaks; not planned sound. For me it workes with the sound replacement, Jonathan agree he finds the intonations and the repetition interesting.
We talk about the Final show, where I want to make a kind of space by using two projectors, to create a small and a big screen. My intention is to make an interaction between the two screens. For the big video projecting I will make split screen it allows me to let different images complement each other, like the idea of montage.
The voice replacement test 5, opened my eyes to the power of repetition. In this test 3 persons say the same but not in sync. For me, it underlines the idea of dreams; dreams have a short duration, but the experience of a dream last longer, you carry the dream in your body sometimes for years.
According to my pool of elements, I took the decision that all my actors and speakers should be family members of me. The same genetic material in different ages an gender. Replacing voices, ages and gender are meant to show that the dreamer can be anybody; time and gender are floating. At the same time, they are the people around me – very practical.
Back to the final show; I have to think about the sound while having two projectors. Headphones make a deep sensation of the sound and video. Jonathan was drawn into a lot more, particularly where I play around with two voices. I have to consider how sound works. With headphones, I will have more control over what people hear.
I think I have all the material it is just a matter of editing and selection, so it can be two projections.
Jonathan: You can create multiple versions of this material, depending on the setting. The edit mood is very important, it can change its meaning in the process.
I talking about the amount of element and the words and how I work with the new and longer list of words. I made an alphabet, list, random list, the amount of letter list. I am aware of the effect the poem can have; from magic to a shopping list.
Jonathan talks about the list and the categories. I’m not sure if I should use words in my video works, it is taking to much focus.
Jonathan looks at the video with three masked persons. You are not sure if the masks are a physical thing or made in After Effect. Once again he mentioned how intense the feeling is by using headphones.
The words could also appear as a kind of breakers between the sequences, and not be a direct part of the different sequences.
I don’t have to show everything, the words could be part of the installation, could be just one sentence on the wall. Like giving hint from where it comes from.

If I got time Jonathan recommended me to make a test with AR, especially because Terrie offered me his help. It is another expression of my work another representing.

Gillian Wearing

Gillian Wearing OBE RA (born 1963) is an English conceptual artist, one of the Young British Artists.

One of the effects Gillian Wearing’s video “2 in 1” has on me is the insight in the power of the voice; the pronunciation and the tone of voice. By letting the two generation lipsyncing the dubbed words of each other, the words get another meaning and my focus change not only to what they are saying but also to how they are doing it, their approach. It reveals a kind of secret at the same time it is on the edge of fun.

I like her work in general, not to try to be nice but ask questions about our lives. She uses herself, her family, ordinary people and her surrounding as material.
In the exhibition Family Stories, GW recreates herself at different ages by using masks. In Self-portrait 3 years old, a little girl looks at the viewer. She looks a little creepy. But there is also something else wrong. It’s an adult’s eye who looks at us through a baby mask. Gillian Wearing’s portrait of the girl is a portrait of herself as both children and adults.


Cut-Up poem/text

My brief research shows that William S. Burroughs is a key figure when it comes to working with cut-up poem.
His sentence “when you cut into the present the future leaks out” takes my attention. I’ll have some similar experiences while I worked with my listed words.
My experiences were that words in a random constellation evoke unknown/forgot memories, in some cases like a coded personal information – information which is already there, but not yet exposed.

Together with cinemaphotography Antony Balch, William S. Burroughs made the video below. In this one, they are experimenting with voice replacement.

Another interesting video made by Antony Balch, Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs is “The Cut-Ups” from 1966. The repeating sentence with slightly different pronunciation makes a rhythm through the sequence. It is not only the words but also the film clips which are edited together in a nonsense sequence. As the words, the shots creates a rhythm. The idea of montage is in this example is pushed to the extreme. The story moves forward and backwards without a real narrative, it leaves a mood and an impression of playful systematic chaos. I got the feeling that there are stories everywhere it is just a matter of attention.
The cuts are a mix of footage from various film projects.


Voice replacement: Test recording


I’m working on a new sequence.
I made a new poem out of my list of words, which is not a list but a pile of cutout words. By the law of chance, this text appeared (tried many others). For me, it has resonance, not directly to any of my dreams but to my life situation right now, for me it releases emotions.
I got the thoughts that I have made not just a list of “dream words” but a vocabulary to express myself in general.

I have to make another shooting session, my outcome is too blurry.
I’m very satisfied with the acting. It is interesting to have two characters at the same time. Looking forward to incorporating background and other painted elements.