VOID Film Festival

VOID Film festival
Void describes themselves as bringing attention to the unused potential of animation.

Tehran Taboo, director: Ali Soozandeh, production company: Little Dream Entertainment (DE)
The story is told through a combination of CGI and rotoscoping. The movements of the actors appear realistic in constructed 3D locations. It is convincingly done and, I was seduced by history’s dynamic and cinematic narrative style but also the theme of the history.

Another serious story, made as classic animation, was Barfoot Gen, director Mori Masaki (JP), production company: Madhouse (JP)
The film’s central sequence depicts the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 through the point of view of a boy and his family. The drawn tale gives a shaking impression of a real event.

Shorts 3: Two hours screening of 13 different animation films. In general, they were experimental and playful and some of them with a rough expression which I like.
Three examples I still have in my mind:
Little red giant, and the monster I was, director: Laura Harrison
Alphonse gets lost, director: Cathrine Buffat & Jean-Luc Gréco
Weaker sex, director: Nicolas Jacquet

Unfortunately, I could not find any links to Weaker Sex, but the technique which is used is pretty much like this:


Animation tests of “the climacteric dance”

According to decide a style and an animation method, I made some tests:
1. Hand-drawn cel animation
2. Duik (plugin for After Effect) character rigging
3. Paint & Stick (script for AE)
4. Paint & Stick in combination with free drawing

I started watching and analyzing a hip hop dance sequence on Youtube to be familiar with the moves. I wanted the visual style to be quick and sketchy.
1. Due to the repeated body moves, I only had to draw 15 positions of the dancer and after repeat them in order of the dance.
The outcome was too rough – I didn’t catch the smoothness of movement, it looks too funny. But I like the drawing style and the texture of pen and paper.
2. The Duik plugin could help me to get a more smooth movement. I created the little dancer in Illustrator and imported her to AE.
There is a lot of possibilities to create smooth and nice movement with Duik. The big challenge is to understand and create a perfect rigging of the character when you have that you are half way done and can make endless moves.
My test showed me that if I want to use Duik, I have to learn much more about it because my outcome was too funny, static, and awkward moves.
3. Paint & Stick – smart and easy script to work with. I could draw while having the dance sequence on a layer below.
The outcome was in the first stage boring and too much – somebody had been drawing directly after the dance moves.
4. Paint & Stick allows serval of layers, so I kept the first drawing and started to draw the face and hear on another layer and playing withe a thicker stroke. It is still not done, but I like the smoothness and the rough drawing style I can add on after.

What now:
· First I have to finish the dancing loop
· I want to change the sound, right now it is only there to indicate the beat.
· I would like to draw and animate 4-6 events which have to do withe the female climacteric phase. I am collecting storys from friends an family.


Duik Download

Paint & Stick:


Playing around:
Trying technique; cinema, Animate (Flash replacement), Audition
Eisenstein, Surrealism, Lev Manowitch, (research book which one)

What I want to produce as tests:
1. The interactive climacteric dance: My Body Change.
Little-naked women dancing a kind of loop dance, when clicking on her she stops, and an event will take place. The event takes 5-7 seconds, and she starts dancing the same dance again. There will be 4-5 events, and they will randomly take place while clicking on the little lady.
An event has to do white the climacteric phase; hot flush, menstrual stop, headache, etc
The dance symbolizes: Lief going on
Style: Hand drawing animation
Sound: Beet loop and real sound
Techniques: After effects and Animate
Challenge: No skills in interaction

2. Continue making sound test sequences combined whit cinema.