Reflective Journal

When I read my original proposal 1 today, I think my ambitions were very high, but at the same time, I’m happy because I’ve actually followed some ideas and I’ve come a lot longer than I thought I would when I wrote the original proposal 1.

The surrealistic track was not my initial starting point; it came to me as a result of a “found object” – the suitcase. Until then “the ageing of the human body in contrast to the digital revolution” was my starting point. The problem was that it was all in my mind and very little is therefore here to find on my blog. I was too focused on solutions rather than experimenting and studying – I imagined the results before any questions were asked and any problems were outlined. I used the first two months transforming my mindset from a working graphic designer to an art student.

I made some experiments; mostly drawing and animation tests. But my engagement was not really there. There was nothing new in it for me, (having worked 16 years in the motion graphic design business) and I got a bit frustrated.

When I by coincidence got interested in surrealism, this quote, from the owner of the found suitcase, confirmed my new direction:

“[My art] is based on the theory that the subconscious instincts and the instincts are the only absolute and immutable in human existence.”
Wilhelm Freddie

Understanding that surrealism is much more than Dali, became an eye-opener for me. I liked the idea of translating collage not only to be on paper but the idea of bringing various elements together – that is workable for any kind of media.

I became inspired by the playful approach and methodology the surrealists had in their working process and their focus on subconscious and chance. It became my primary inspiration source for what I called “Dream Image Project” which I worked on until Mid Point Review.

Presenting my research-based practice at the MidPoint Review helped me to get an overview and see a kind of a red thread in my work so far. I got constructive feedback which strengthened me in the direction I am going.

The idea of making a reservoir/bank of elements was productive as a working method but it also changed my opinion of my art practice; drawings and images became elements in a wider perspective in contrast to finished elements. I 

experienced a freedom in the creating flow while not focusing on every single image as a final product but as part of a larger purpose.

Transforming images into words became a key experiment for me: I have always had a kind of apprehension when working with words; being afraid not to be good enough, but by using this planned randomness, I got courage and saw new opportunities.

In collaboration with a colleague I developed an app which I had the opportunity to show at the Interim Show. The collaboration and the exhibition had a good impact on me; it was nice to develop and finish a small project, set it free and let it gets its own life.

When I started to work on my research paper it became hard for me to separate my practice from my research, therefore I have no blog posts of experiments or anything else for a long period. I had to prioritize reading and writing. I have been kind of stressed for a while, as a result of this, my own bad study strategy. Now, I feel I have a better understanding of my process. I have gained lots of learning points that I still are not fully aware of.

I worked little on my art practice but I only managed to upload two small experiments during the writing phase of the research paper. It could had been rewarding to have a synchronous development of both; practice and theoretical, but lack of time and personal problems made a limit.