Critical evaluation, Unit 2

Looking back at the last two years make me feel happy. I think I gained much more out of the Master program than suspected on a personal-, practical- and theoretical level. Thanks to my MA, it change my focus to be more process oriented rather than solution fixated.

Surrealistic working method and my research of the low of chance helped me to understand my practice; that I can work structured and with intuition at the same time; losing control and take the control.

Playing around; creating a pile of very personal material, a pool of elements has strengthened my belief at myself as an artist a creator and encourage me to explore areas such as working with words, text and poems. Areas which is new to me but because the words are anchored to the images it feels right. I had the same experience while working with sound. I found a method to expand my working field, I got a vocabulary and developed my cinematic language.
I’m seeing myself more as a curator of my own material including ideas not yet formed – I’m letting myself be me.

During the program I conducted many good conversations with people having different skills and professions, it turned out to be a suitable method for me; meeting people, taking notes and write blog posts. It has strengthened my network and inspired me to corporate also when finished the MA and forced me to talk about my artwork.

I have not achieved all I wanted like getting skills in Mixed Reality, AR and VR; I just made few experiments and little research. The learning curve was high and I loosed concentration, I get stressed of not having the technical skills and in the end not having enough time. In one way it forced me back to After Effect where I was able to work freer and thereby develop and focus on my expression and my ideas. It gave me a new understanding of working with moving images in the light of art. Now I much more ready for making a corporation with people with technical skills in the area of MR, VR or AR.

For the final exhibition, I made a video installation, a space where to express my dream statements. I see this real physical space installation as a connection/beginning to start investigating the virtual world. Now I have the base of stories, elements and moods.

The fragmented universe I have created by using my collected elements in new constellations is an endless action – last year I made an app, for the final exhibition it became a video installation, in the future, it could be a Mixed Reality solution.

The conversation I had with anthropologist Karen Lisa Salomon spring this year, encouraged me to focus on symbols in our everyday life in the assemblage of things and the environment we are surrounded. I made one video registration of my mother in law having breakfast. The picture of her surrounded by a mesh of elements, listing to Rolling Stones from the radio while drinking coffee reminded me of my first proposal. Maybe it is first now I’m able to see more clearly how to works with topics as time, space and age?

I will apply for censured exhibitions and video screenings, made my own pop-up exhibition, make a website, apply for workshops and artist residency.