Cao Fei: Whose Utopia

The New Human: You and I in a Global Wonderland
Moderna Museet Malmø 14.3 – 18.10 2015

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At the exhibition, one of the video installations took my attention. The installation called “Whose Utopia – My future is not a dream” made by Cao Fei, a Chinese artist in 2006.
You see an unusual and poetic choreography dance apparently performed by workers. The music is slowly and melancholic, you also hear a quick clicking sound that refer to mechanical factory sounds. The whole scenario takes place at one of OSRAM’s light bulb factories in China.

I like the contrast between the poetic and the mechanical – between man and industry. It provides a different perception of time.
This video reminds me of Wim Wenders film about choreographer Pina Bausch.
Whose Utopia (Cao Fei, 2006)