Experience sound and installation

The Ship: exhibition at Nikolaj Kunsthal by Eske Kath and Oh Land

I went to the church (Kunsthal) without expectation, I just passed by. I didn’t try to understand the entire exhibition; the artists’ ideas and so, therefore I will not comment on that. What I did was to experience some of the sound installations.





Stanley Kubrick exhibition at Gl. Strand

I’m a big fan of Stanley Kubrick’s movies; the tension and mood (even it is unpleasant), the strong and thoughtful compositions/framings and the storeys. He had a significant influence on the film history, and the movies I have seen made a great impact on me and had followed me during life, like A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Space Odyssey and Dr Strangelove.
Right now Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand show Stanley Kubrick The Exhibition. All his movies are presented with clips, props, storyboards or other documentation, which gives a good overview of the filmmaker’s career. It was interesting to read that Kubrick had been very perfectionist and careful with his work and visual expression also in small details.
I was looking at what could support or inspire my master project. And since some of the movie cuts feel like part of my growing up it might be a kind of “subliminal” language for me. I’m thinking about the grotesque and senseless violence in A Clockwork Orange, the compressed and silent mood in A Space Odyssey and finally the ghosts from The Shining, how they appear like a natural layer of the reality even, they lived in another time. I’m still afraid of hotel hallways.


The digital and gradual changing voice trying to give an order. It is interesting how the tone of voice is personal and warm and scary at the same time. In this clip, HAL is singing, the voice is getting slower and slower and it sounds weird to hear this song in a spaceship, a bit creepy.

IMG_6274 IMG_6269

Another creepy thing is the twins who just want to play. It is uncertain whether there are visions or if they really are there. They have been there in the past in another time, and now like ghosts, they appear. We got two stories at the same time from the same location; one from the past and the current – two levels.

The human history it very elegant explained in one shot to another; a bone in the air and next a spaceship in space. Because of shapes and movements, it is easy to get the idea. It also reminds me of Eisenstein’s theories of montage.



Tutorial 4

Resume of the tutorial with Jonathan
Date: December 1st. 2017
Topic: Feedback from Unit 1, and whats next.

We talked about my consideration for the final project. Multiple screens, sound and movements are still on my mind. I’m started researching Augmented Reality (AR). Some years ago I saw an artist (Camille Scherrer) presenting an AR-project at Resonate in Belgrade (2013), it has been on my mind since then because of its simplicity and focuses on illustration.

We talked about technology; the possibility with new stuff and the value of cooperation with other people.
There is a lot of clever technical stuff going on according to AR, but a lot of it is empty there is a need for depth of content; a poetic level.
Jonathan mentioned that I have the potential here to do, with the depth of thinking behind my work, that I got the potential to do something interesting, particularly around AR. It is not about the technology but the content. He reminded me that I got a whole banc of material already and that I can create more sound and images.
We talked about my subject; dreams and surrealism fit well with the idea of an extra level of the reality like AR where other stuff is going on at the same time in the same space.
The obvious thing about AR is an installation where someone uses a kind of device like an iPhone, but there could be other ways of using AR, which I have to look at like if people can move them self physically around in a space, turning around and questioning what nature AR might look like. Jonathan encourages me to go and play with it to push it.

I got such a positive feedback from this tutorial and from Unit 1, I should be pleased, and I am pleased (I am too shy to write all superlatives) – I learned a lot about myself during Unit 1.

My statement for Unit 2:
· More practice
· Take risks
· Make documentation on my blog.

What to do now:
· Investigating AR in theory and praxis
· Continue making dream images
· Stil researching the subject dreams in art and as a human experience.