Animation tests of “the climacteric dance”

According to decide a style and an animation method, I made some tests:
1. Hand-drawn cel animation
2. Duik (plugin for After Effect) character rigging
3. Paint & Stick (script for AE)
4. Paint & Stick in combination with free drawing

I started watching and analyzing a hip hop dance sequence on Youtube to be familiar with the moves. I wanted the visual style to be quick and sketchy.
1. Due to the repeated body moves, I only had to draw 15 positions of the dancer and after repeat them in order of the dance.
The outcome was too rough – I didn’t catch the smoothness of movement, it looks too funny. But I like the drawing style and the texture of pen and paper.
2. The Duik plugin could help me to get a more smooth movement. I created the little dancer in Illustrator and imported her to AE.
There is a lot of possibilities to create smooth and nice movement with Duik. The big challenge is to understand and create a perfect rigging of the character when you have that you are half way done and can make endless moves.
My test showed me that if I want to use Duik, I have to learn much more about it because my outcome was too funny, static, and awkward moves.
3. Paint & Stick – smart and easy script to work with. I could draw while having the dance sequence on a layer below.
The outcome was in the first stage boring and too much – somebody had been drawing directly after the dance moves.
4. Paint & Stick allows serval of layers, so I kept the first drawing and started to draw the face and hear on another layer and playing withe a thicker stroke. It is still not done, but I like the smoothness and the rough drawing style I can add on after.

What now:
· First I have to finish the dancing loop
· I want to change the sound, right now it is only there to indicate the beat.
· I would like to draw and animate 4-6 events which have to do withe the female climacteric phase. I am collecting storys from friends an family.


Duik Download

Paint & Stick:

Test of drawing style for animation

I made this animation test for to see how the drawing style will go in animation.
I took seven photos of myself, drew after them with a soft pencil on tracing paper, scanned them and imported them into After Effect.
I let each image stand for three frames, and I looped the movement.
The sound is one of my recording of ordinary things, in this case: apples in a wheelbarrow.

The movement of the head and the texture in the background is changing too mush. I could make more “in-betweens” drawings and draw the background more alike, or I could make a more simple background. But in the end, I think the style is too shaky; it could probably work in combination with another animation method.
My idea for the test was weak, and therefore I get a little bored.
Audio wise – I think there is “something” in using sound which comes from another source


Playing around:
Trying technique; cinema, Animate (Flash replacement), Audition
Eisenstein, Surrealism, Lev Manowitch, (research book which one)

What I want to produce as tests:
1. The interactive climacteric dance: My Body Change.
Little-naked women dancing a kind of loop dance, when clicking on her she stops, and an event will take place. The event takes 5-7 seconds, and she starts dancing the same dance again. There will be 4-5 events, and they will randomly take place while clicking on the little lady.
An event has to do white the climacteric phase; hot flush, menstrual stop, headache, etc
The dance symbolizes: Lief going on
Style: Hand drawing animation
Sound: Beet loop and real sound
Techniques: After effects and Animate
Challenge: No skills in interaction

2. Continue making sound test sequences combined whit cinema.