Practice based research

For some reason, I have not made blog posts of lectures and artist talks initiated by UAL, I’ve probably thought it was enough with Skype history and Youtube channel. I will change that and be more active and transform my notes into blog posts. In the future, I will also write blog posts about the books and links I read.

The first month I made few experiment with image, sound and movements:
Sound test
Test of drawing style
Status me playing around
Animation tests (Duik and Paint and Stick)

Presentations and tutorials:
Symposium September 2016
MidPoint Review
Feedback and reflections from MidPoint review
Tutorial 1 with Jonathan
Tutorial 2 with Jonathan
Tutorial 3 with Jonathan
Tutorial about the research paper with Gareth Polmeer. Draft 1
Tutorial about the research paper with Gareth Polmeer. Draft 2

A Mysterious suitcase appeared and started the Surrealistic Journey:
Mysterious suitcase
More about the Mysterious suitcase
The mysterious suitcase and notes about Surrealism
Manifesto Surrealism
Cadavre exquis
Surrealist Art Styles: Figuration and Abstraction

Inspired by Surrealism I started to draw my dreams in order to understand the unconscious:
Dream image 1: The floating man in the stairwell
Dream image 2: Go to gate
Dream image 3: Known and unknown faces
Dream image 4: Au pair in Belgrade
Dream image 5: Me and the obsessed house
Dream image 6: Square Coffee cups
Dream image 7: Half naked in public
Dream image 8: In front of orange light
Dream image 9: The burning gardens
Dream image 10: Snake attacking my middle finger
After 10 images I made status of the project:
Dream image project: Status v.1
Experiment by transforming images into words:
Dream image project: From image to words
The idea of making short clips of moving image instead of still images:
Dream image project: It’s not a crow
Dream image 11: It’s not a crow
Dream image 12: David
Dream image project: Random compositions. In this experiment, I had the question: How can I use the code as a tool for randomness and how can surrealism dictate guidelines for visual compositions?
Dream diary: As an experiment, I made quick dream notes.
Dream image 13: Breast for dinner
Dream image 14: Just watch
Dream image 15: Tranquility
Random test of elements before new coding session
Dream image project: App for randomness which I presented at the Interim show 2017
Voice replacement tests maybe a new direction

Low Residency 2017:
Workshop at South Kiosk Gallery
Unsorted impressions from Low Residency
Interim Show 2017, I contributed with the surrealisticgenerator app

Film and theatre:
Living dead – a horror performance
Decoding Mind
Sergei Eisenstein: October
Sergei Eisenstein: Battleship Potemkin
Sergei Eisenstein: Alexander Nevsky
Lecture and film:
David Lynch’s early short film


Exhibitions and museums:
Louise Bourgeois / Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Daniel Richter / Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
404 not found / Artnode at Den Frie
Wilhelm Freddie / SMK, National Gallery of Denmark
Sarah Sze / Copenhagen Contemporary
Wiliam Kentridge / Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Julian Rosefeldt / Nikolaj Kunsthal
Code Art Fair Bella Centre Copenhagen
Bill Viola / Copenhagen Contemporary

CPH:DOX  Documentary film festival. I attended one day at the conference under the headline Art, Technology & Change (topics as AI and VR).
Click Festival 2017
Resonate Belgrade 2017 a four-day-long conference/festival which provides an overview of current situation in the fields of music, visual arts, and digital culture.

Research Paper:
I have not made any blog post about the research paper process. All the material is in other folders.
Marchel Duchamp about chance
Little practice test in order to understand Marcel Duchamp
Little practice test in order to understand Ellsworth Kelly
Books by chance

Audiovisual workshop, thoughts about my own teaching
Teaching in motion graphic design, this is a kind of history review.