I want this page to be a log, for what I’m working with which maybe / maybe not have a direct connection to my MA project, but document  how I use my time.

October 11th
I found an old suitcase, in the garbage room where I’m living; the suitcase has belonged to a famous Danish surrealist painter. Now the suitcase is in my kitchen, like an odd object from the past; telling me that I have to investigate something about the former owner or the style of painting/art he represented.

October 9th
I made some new sound recordings, in order to learn Audition and Audacity.
I was fond of doing it, and it sharpens my hearing of sounds in general.
Now I have my own material to test and work with further on.
I’m using H6 Handy Recorder.

October 5th
The output from hours with aquarelle. I like the workflow; quick decisions, speedy paintings and lots of coincidences.



October 3rd
Start up with Cinema 4D, quite enthusiastic with Grayscalegorilla’s toturials.
At the same time I’m following some Cinema lectures at my job, it will continue the next two weeks. It seems to be much more intuitive and user-friendly than last time I tried to learn it.