Final show thoughts

The Mysterious suitcase has returned to my project. I am considering using it as an element in my final show, as a plinth for the projector and as a space for other elements.
I want to create a kind of private and secret space inside the suitcase, where the light should take the viewers attention to look inside the barely closed suitcase. Basic elements like the list of words from where the poems are made could be inside. I still have to test. I’m quite sure that the projector will be inside, like a source for all the dreams.


Voice replacement: Test recording


I’m working on a new sequence.
I made a new poem out of my list of words, which is not a list but a pile of cutout words. By the law of chance, this text appeared (tried many others). For me, it has resonance, not directly to any of my dreams but to my life situation right now, for me it releases emotions.
I got the thoughts that I have made not just a list of “dream words” but a vocabulary to express myself in general.

I have to make another shooting session, my outcome is too blurry.
I’m very satisfied with the acting. It is interesting to have two characters at the same time. Looking forward to incorporating background and other painted elements.


Print test of dream images

As a test, I printed out some different images, I wanted to see how they work as physical objects. I used a Plotter and uncoated paper.
The images with bright colours are working better than the two in the first colon. The saturated colours have a really good appearance. The two images from the first, colon have to be colour corrected before printing.

Voice replacement test now with atmosphere sound

I am testing the mixe of footage; dancing girl, scissors and the talking head. I am also testing the background sound. By repeating the same sound bites, it creates a rhythm without being music. It is a rhythm and a breath.
Maybe it is my direction to go, sound wise; using kind of non sound like a breath before a word, a footstep before it touches the ground etc.

A test of mixed footage on a real location.