Random test

New dreams have been illustrated, and I’m close to finishing elements for a second “random Processing session”. I was curious to see how the new elements worked together, therefore, I made this analog-combined composition.

Working with the image manually make me feel closer to my material, the outcome from Processing could generate a distance as well as make new, unpredicted solutions, which at the same time could be more exact.
My experience, while working manually, is that I’m starting thinking too much, the coincidence and subconscious stops, and I’m not sure if it is real randomness.

random_test_04 copy

Dream image project: It’s not a crow / mov.01


Guidelines for the new part of my Dream Image Project:
· Moving scenes/images. Duration 5-10 sec.
· Use live footage, animation, mix media, etc
· Use sound
· Keep it simple
· Do it fast
· Make ten sequences and then critical reflection