Low Residency day 1

Tourettes Hero inspired collaborative film/image/animation making.
Jessica Thom introduced her self, Tourettes Hero and how she turned tics to a creative inspiration source for her and other people.
This “crazy language generator machine” had made an enormous list of phrases at there website. They are at one time meaningless, thoughtful and crazy and we were encouraged to use a phrase as inspiration for an image, animation or film.

Together with Manolis, Gaby, Nancy Jo and Robin, I worked with the randomness the tics-phrases seems to be. We cut up the chosen phrases and put them together in new versions. We decided to let people on the street reading up the words.
While editing we once again cut up the phrases and randomly edited them together, change voices, made jump cut.
It was not perfect, but I think there was a lot of possibilities.

Voice replacement tests 1

I made some voice recordings this summer; people of different ages recited the same text. I haven’t used the recordings before now where I got the idea of voice replacement. The text/ poem is part of my experiment: From word to Image.

It is roughly made, lots to change, but for the first time, I can see a direction of working with sound, image and movement in this project.
By replacing the voice from a 12-year-old to an adult, I find that I can work with “time” in relation to storytelling – eg. an adult talking about something experienced as a child.