A dog with extreme hearing and John Cage

img_7783.jpgYesterday I felt like a mix of a dog with extreme hearing and John Cage. I was outside in order to record sounds; the atmosphere, walk on gravel, birds, bikes, breath, etc. I borrowed a quite good Zoom recorder which captures almost every sound, sound I absolut not think about as a part of the background noise I can hear without the recorder. The experience emphasized the human ability to close the sense impression that you do not focus on – and the other way around (ex. start focusing on the wind a church bell etc). John Cage’s idea of silence and his thoughts about the sound of traffic came to my mind.

I recorded something but not all from my list. It is a good exercise to shapen the ears and getting some sound-expectations. The list is made purely by looking at my original twenty dream-images and trying to remember feelings and tension. The words are not the same as the list made for the poem, because the words have to be transformed into sound, like; hyperventilation
reverb from a staircase rise, cat spinning etc.
I’m not sure how I gonna use the sounds, but I’m sure that it pushes me deeper into understanding my project.

Playing with cut out words

My entire list of words is 143. The words are based on the 20 dream images I made.
I have made some more test with the words:
Alphabetic order
Number of letters going from few letters to several
Ten columns (ten words on a line creates a poem).

It turned out very constructed, and I missed the magic. Then I printed the list and cut out the words and used the law of change by dropping them from a distance. I organised the words; in alphabetic order, and in order to make sense. But still, I felt it was too constructed.

With my smartphone, I made some recordings in slow-motion. The production value was too bad, but I could frame grab images during the sequence. The drop made the selection and at the same time, the drop made a composition which I found interesting.


Voice replacement test 5

The actor repeated the text, again and again, there is a little different in timing and movement between the characters, which I find interesting. It is like they are aware of each other; helping to repeat the text.
When I first saw the footage in After Effect, it annoyed me that the actor is moving his head after every word, but now I think it is fine because its a little strange.
I scaled the frame in order to have more space above the talking heads and I toned the background into the same colour to give more focus to the heads.

I become curious about how it will be to use project mapping.