Dream image project: App for randomness

Finally, I step into a second level with my dream-image-random-test: I now have an app which can create an endless amount of images just by clicking spacebar.


My colleague Stig, who helped me last time setting up a code in Processing based on rules for compositions, and uses of elements from the catalogue of my, now created an app with only two functions: Next and save.
In order to respect the opportunities for randomness to appear, the app is made as simple as possible, less user control. While Stig was working on the app, he had ideas of making sliders for different purposes to control the output, but he realised that it was in contradiction to the fundamental idea of chance. Therefore he focused on simplicity in function and with few prefixed rules like; anger point at the bottom of every tree, a neck fixed on “body”, respect area around some objects.
The elements are sometimes arranged in very weird constellations like in the top of each other, in a way, I would never do.
I let the computer/app take part of the control inside an established system (the app). The amount number of images I can create, just by clicking spacebar, gives me a feeling of endless randomness. I can select and save images I find good and interesting. Then I can analyse the chosen output, making new rules based on my aesthetic, and so on.


Dream diary 1


I got an advice at the Mid-point review session: make a dream diary.
In fact, I thought I already did it; I was writing notes during the day when I was able to remember a dream. I realised that it sometimes was too late and also turned into be to controlled.
Then I change my method to draw a one-minute drawing, immediately while waking up, with ink and wood chips as a tool to make it less precise and more randomly.
Since I started the new method, I have been able to capture more images, challenge the drawing style in the light of Surrealist automatism and went more satisfied with sketching especially because of the ink.

In this period, of ink-drawn-dreams, I saw a huge exhibition at Louisiana contemporary by William Kentridge. It felt inspired of WK’s use of quick drawings technique with ink. I will make a blog post later about my visit.
Yesterday I saw an image of the danish surrealistic painter Rita Kernn-Larsen in a newspaper. RKL was active painting from the beginning of the thirties and is now showed at Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice. I noticed the objects in her paintings and saw parallels to my objects from my dreams (hands, scissors, etc.,. I will also make a blog post about her later.


Dream images project: From image to word

As an experiment, I looked at my ten dream images individual and made a list of what I saw, and what feelings I combined with the dream.
I cut the words and short sentences out and mixed them together, then invited my husband and friend to pick out ten words without seeing, they got the freedom to set the words together in a new combination.
I had now idea of how it would work. It surprised me that ten words could make stories. Some words compositions like wine nights and wrong air affected me; they were spot on, it was through the images and the random selection I came these  word combination.