Audiovisual workshop

Last week I organized a workshop (at DMJX) in cooperation with a composer and sound designer. The workshop was created for a mix of sound- and motion graphic design students.
The workshop, which we have conducted before, was an experiment without a unique answer. The students worked in teams, and all that they needed was their personal memories, reflections, and interpretation to create a solution.
The output: 45 seconds long audiovisual work.

The sense of smell has a special direct way to the memory center in the brain. An odor can lead us back into the past, remind us of a particular location, and evoke emotions – everything personally experienced.
We can recognize a lot of different smells, but our vocabulary comes to an end while describing it.
In this workshop, we transformed the impression of smells to sound and image. The senses of smell directed the senses of seeing and hearing and thereby created the mood, style, and tension for an audiovisual artwork.

· Sniff to two smells, describe and classify them
· Make an interpretation and write down a short synopsis.
· Outline the idea by using specific visualization methods for both sound and image.
· Produce the final solution.
· Presentation and feedback.

We have some underlying goals for this course like; cooperation, transforming impression from one sense to other senses, experience how the sense of smell and its impact had an influence on our perception.
This year, I was more aware of understanding the assignment as an art project, based on this thought, I think it gave the students a bigger freedom to work with their own style and be more experimental in the few days the course was going on.