Cao Fei: Whose Utopia

The New Human: You and I in a Global Wonderland
Moderna Museet Malmø 14.3 – 18.10 2015

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At the exhibition, one of the video installations took my attention. The installation called “Whose Utopia – My future is not a dream” made by Cao Fei, a Chinese artist in 2006.
You see an unusual and poetic choreography dance apparently performed by workers. The music is slowly and melancholic, you also hear a quick clicking sound that refer to mechanical factory sounds. The whole scenario takes place at one of OSRAM’s light bulb factories in China.

I like the contrast between the poetic and the mechanical – between man and industry. It provides a different perception of time.
This video reminds me of Wim Wenders film about choreographer Pina Bausch.
Whose Utopia (Cao Fei, 2006)

Presenting: Me

My name is Eng and I´m from Copenhagen where I live with my husband and son (10 years).
I have a master in graphic design and illustration from the Danish Design School (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design). My first job was as motion graphics designer at the Design Department at DR – the Danish Broadcast Corporation (similar to the BBC). I held that position for 8 years and I learned to cooperate closely with other media professionals: journalists, photographers, set designers, directors, editors, etc. I had a great time with a lot of freedom in my visual expression. After that I co-founded a small motion graphic design studio – Marengdeluxe. Our clients were tv production companies and broadcasters in Denmark and Sweden. I loved to be self-employed, but after seven years, I decided to stop: I wanted a more analytical approach to motion graphic design theory so I started to teach. Currently I´m Associate Professor at the Danish School of Media and Journalism at the BA education “Interactive Design”. My principal subject is motion graphic design.

I have come to a point where I want to work with the skills and tools that I master but in a more artistic way. I have always had a very practical, creative approach to my work, and it is my expectation that a Master Degree in Digital Visual Arts will add more analytical layers to my work.