Low Residency day 4

Workshop: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality 
I had signed into the workshop to get more insight of AR and MR.
Terry and Patrick made a nice introduction of VR, AR and MR. They talked about the overall possibilities; VR: you go into a new world where AR and MR are in your world.
They also showed gadget and equipment.
We tried Microsoft HoloLens. It was amazing to see the high resolution and quality in HoloLens. I didn’t try navigating through gestures.
I tried Tilt Brush once before; it is incredible to stay inside your drawing, but because of the limitation of brushes, the result is pretty much the same. I guess that it is possible to work with self-created brushes.
Patrick demonstrated a 360 camera Richo Theta and talked about ODG (American smartglasses).
Terry presented his Master project, which I saw last summer. It was an MR project; video projection, 3D printed sculpture and HoloLens view with sound.

At the moment there is an exhibition at Tate Modern with Modigliani where you can have a VR experience visiting Modigliani’s studio.
The American artist Jeff Koons made an AR project.

I had expected a little more “hands-on” teaching or at least an explanation of how to make stuff for VR, AR and MR.
There are so many possibilities and different techniques; you have to have high skills in coding and technical knowledge.
I concluded, that if I’m going to use AR, it has to be simple.
Terry was nice to ask for files for making a film of our stuff afterwards. I will send him more of my characters, but I will also try to do it my self; see tutorials and ask other people for help.

Later the same day, I went to the Lego’s flagship store in London, where they have a digital box to scan unpacked Lego in order to let the lego come to life as a 3d model.

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