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Artnode at Den Frie

Artnode is a non-commercial foundation. Their aim is to supply contemporary art with a digital outlet and thus support international contacts.
Artnode plans create and distribute contemporary art projects in current and upcoming digital media. The foundation aims at developing and supporting projects, using these new media as artistic platforms – not just as distribution channels.
Artnode currently presents more than 100 artists.

To be familiar with Artnode has become a kind of an eye opener for me. They have been working in the field of internet-art since 1995.
The exhibition itself showed six different projects. It was not a big visual experience, but reading about the concepts told me that here is really something to dive into.

In 2008 Artnode published the 500+ pages anthology “Vi elsker din computer” (We Love your Computer) comprising 36 historical key texts on t net art that Artnode love and continue to find inspiring.

In the basement, I bought the book; it is in Danish and therefore easy to read and understand.
I read an interesting text of Tilman Baumgätel: “Net Art. On the History of Artistic Work with Telecommunication.
TB talks about; galleries without walls, and a art project from 1977 which was a kind of Skype (Satellite Arts Project by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz), a project initiated by John Cage which has a reference to nowadays crowdsourcing, just to remind some of the artists he is talking about.

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