Dream image project: Status v.1

Inspired by Wilhelm Freddie and other surrealists, I decided to work with internal images which occurred in dreams or unconsciously situations (half dreaming). My idea was to be as honest as possible to what I saw. I didn’t write down the action of the dream (story) or made any interpretation; I tried to visualize a sight I had during the dream just like a snapshot.
I wanted to experience how it affected my working process and my outcome.

It was crucial that I could remember my dreams and keep them in my memory; doodles and quick notes helped to capture sight, story, and mood. Sometimes I only got the mood I couldn’t remember any images.
Another important factor was the amount of sleep; less sleep – fewer dreams, long sleep more clear dreams.
I was conscious of being subconscious; if I lost a dream in my mind, I tried to bring me back to the mood and tension during the day in attempts to get the dream and image back.

My visualizations methods were quick. I experimented with coal, glue, and aquarelle. Coincidence is part of the work with this technique. First I made very rough sketches and then 1-3 painting of the same motive, then I loaded it into my computer. Some of the images I worked on in Photoshop. I wanted the images to work and stand alone.

Despite quick technique and sleeping every night, it took me longer than expected to make ten dream images, because I lost my dreams, I woke up too early.
I enjoyed making the pictures; visualize a sight from a dream, pick up something unknown from my subconscious.

What’s next:
Can I work with the ten dream images as they are now or should I develop them further in a different direction? It is a question I have to think about.
I want to continue working with dreams. Make more rough drawings, and add movement and sound. The style does not have to be the same as my ten aquarelles.
I will study artist who has used dreams as a theme.

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