Daniel Richter

Lonely Old Slogans
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


Next to this picture of Daniel Richter, I found this text:
“I move in three different fields: the there are pictures that come out of dealing with themes or issues, that is, an attempt to paint historical or contemporary themes. These are, so to speak, history painting.
Then there are pictures that emerge from found materials and live because they rise above the unambiguity of the materials, often journalistic photographs, and become something else.
Finally, there are the pictures that are representations of dream states – pictures that cannot really give a reason for but that are almost surrealistic… I think it’s true that my pictures move in these different fields, although my categorization may be pushing it a bit.”
Daniel Richter, 2006

Title of the picture: Studie zu Das erstaunliche Comeback des Dr. Freud

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