I had my first experience with Vive at DR Design; they just board it as part of a development project.
I tried the Google application Tilt Brush. Wauuw it was great to jump into a 3D universe and start drawing with a controller that was so intuitive to use and gives a feeling of a magic wand at the same time. I could zoom in and walk around the drawing objects. I drew the edge of my body and stepped out and saw myself in a pulsing dynamic stroke. I drew a Christmas tree which, my son after decorated with shiny stars and glowing hearts. I want to know more abut it; how can I import and export to other programs, can I make new brushes, can I import animation?

The game Ninja Fruit in VR are incredible; what power, instead of swiping your finger on a smartphone you are provided with two long sharp swords. After cutting countless of fruits, my pulse came up.

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