Test of drawing style for animation

I made this animation test for to see how the drawing style will go in animation.
I took seven photos of myself, drew after them with a soft pencil on tracing paper, scanned them and imported them into After Effect.
I let each image stand for three frames, and I looped the movement.
The sound is one of my recording of ordinary things, in this case: apples in a wheelbarrow.

The movement of the head and the texture in the background is changing too mush. I could make more “in-betweens” drawings and draw the background more alike, or I could make a more simple background. But in the end, I think the style is too shaky; it could probably work in combination with another animation method.
My idea for the test was weak, and therefore I get a little bored.
Audio wise – I think there is “something” in using sound which comes from another source

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