More about the mysterious suitcase

Since the suitcase of the Danish, surrealist Wilhelm Freddie came into my home, lots of thoughts about Surrealism and WF came into my mind.
Another thing I have in my home is a extensive book about the artist. “Plug the fork in the eye” is the title of the book which is made in connection with an exhibition at National Gallery of Denmark in 2009. The strange thing is that I had never opened the book until now.
With a quick glimpse, the book shows a very diverse artist; sculpture, poetry, film, installation, theater, windows decoration, design, etc. It surprised me and made me more curious.
Wilhelm Freddie’s, life, and person, was an artistic project. His reputation was as a provocateur. He was arrested because of his art and he’s works were confiscated.

“[My art] is based on the theory that the subconscious instincts and the instincts are the only absolute and immutable in human existence.”
Wilhelm Freddie

My next step will be; to look at Wilhelm Freddie’s art with this quote in mind.

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