Tutorial 1

Resume of the tutorial with Jonathan
Date October 11th.
Topics: My proposal and my blog

One of my concerns was about not having an overall “Working Title.” My proposal idea from my study application seems far away, and it feels unnaturally and uncomfortable to be that concrete with a title right now. Jonathan suggested that it might be better, focus on the making itself, the cinematic language and sound. Playing around – jump into the working cyclical: question – plan – action – observe – reflect. That will be my process for maybe half a year and thereby I will come to an idea for my MA project.
The working title for my proposal will for now be like my drawing below.
We talked about Len Lye, Eisenstein, Hans Richter, John Akomfrah, about the montage style they are/were using.
According to my blog; Jonathan recommended me not to use a Page as a log but instead make a regular blog post. It is much easier to navigate around blog post than a long list of daily updatings. Blog post is better than pages to get overview later on.
Jonathan liked my writing about the John Akomfrah exhibition. That is the way to follow combined with my working process.


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